About Dorothy Spirus

When I was a wee girl of nine, I told my mother, “I want to be a movie star.”

Then Mother said: “Nice girls don’t do that.”

And so ended my showbiz career aspirations–or so I thought.

While watching Drew Carey’s “Whose Line is it Anyway” improv show, I was drawn to the clever, game-like aspect of performing. Within days, I enrolled myself into an improv class, and never looked back. Well, maybe once.

As I trained at The Second City in Los Angeles, my interest in acting continued to grow and grow. And then I decided to see just how far I can take this thing.

In other words: I’m not a nice girl anymore.

After writing and performing in many shows at The Second City Theatre (“Comedy of Terrors,” “You Ruined Christmas,” “A Womb with a View,” to name a few), I have headshots,  an agent, an acting resume. I wrote and performed two one-woman theatrical comedy shows (“Children of a Lesser Goddess” and “The Secret Key”) that had runs in theatres in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

While some who’ve known me for years claim I have always been performing, the writing part isn’t new for me either. I went to Journalism School at USC. I was first published in the Hellenic Journal, writing about Greeks who succeeded in the arts, including film director Penelope Spheeris and best-selling author Nicholas Gage. After graduation I became editor of a start-up rock ‘n’ roll magazine called Music Exchange, where I got to interview music legends such as Frank Zappa, Ozzy Osbourne and Sammy Hagar. From there, I edited a sports magazine, California Football, which later became Student Sports. For those pages I interviewed sports heroes including Troy Aikman, Ronnie Lott, Pat Haden, and Keyshawn Johnson.

So after that I went into acting, right? Wrong! I started a greeting card line of my own artwork, of course. Retailers stocking Dot Designs included Nordstrom, Bristol Farms, and museum stores. And as fate would have it, that’s how I had my first brush with the big screen: one of my Christmas cards was used as set dressing in the film, “Die Hard 2.” You can see my holly design hanging right next to Bruce Willis’s head! I know! Crazy! Then yet another Hollywood connection: At one particular low point I was selling my card line at a church holiday bazaar in Pacific Palisades and Julia Roberts bought a dozen Christmas cards from me. (I thought she would have more friends than that.)

And now Julia and I battle for the same juicy roles. Ain’t life funny? Okay, that brings you up-to-date.