Writing Classes

Dorothy Spirus, Instructor

NEW!!! Online Creative Writing courses via Zoom.  Send an email if you are interested. Or see below for registration information. Next course begins October 27.

Haven’t used Zoom before? It’s not too complicated to set up–even for a non-tech type. You can do it! 

Spirus, a former magazine editor, has been teaching writing classes through the City of Irvine  for over a decade. Three years ago,  courses were added in Huntington Beach. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities in English at USC and studied creative writing under the tutelage of best-selling author T.C. Boyle.

Make your desire to write a high priority. Stimulate your creativity. Find the time.

Creative Writing Classes via Zoom this fall!

Writing Classes in Orange County —

“Creative Writing,” “Writing Jumpstart” & “Writing Your College Admission Essay”

Please see course descriptions below.

Two locations: Huntington Beach and Irvine, registration info below.

Huntington Beach: “Creative Writing” and “Creative Writing Jumpstart” online via Zoom begins in October.

Irvine: Creative Writing, Creative Writing Jumpstart, and Writing Your College Essay. Fall classes have been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. Scheduled to resume in January 2021. (We’ll see!)

CREATIVE WRITING — Course Description:  Explore and develop your creative side. Get started on a short story or book idea. Or maybe you have great family stories you want to pass down to future generations.  A children’s book? A movie or TV script? Poetry? A play? Is there a half-written novel stashed in one of your piles? Work on your own project (fiction or non-fiction) or write an assigned exercise. It’s up to you. Perhaps you’re new at this and want to express yourself through writing, but don’t know how to start. This class will help you begin. Spirus will help you shape your ideas and evaluate your writing. She will be the only one to read and critique your work—not your fellow classmates. The weekly meetings keep you motivated and  battle procrastination.  A book of short stories will be assigned for reading and discussion, including character, theme, and writing technique. Once your awareness builds, your writing improves. Bring pen and spiral notebook for in-class writing exercises and note taking.  Writing exercises will launch ideas, discussions will enlighten, and the instructor provides direction. Open to all levels of experience, ages 18 and up. Class size limited to 12. Questions? Send an email! 

CREATIVE WRITING JUMPSTART — Course Description:  You want to write, but don’t know where to start. Begin with a series of guided writing exercises and tips on how to put your ideas into motion for books, scripts, short stories, poetry and non-fiction. Struggling with what to write? This class will help you generate ideas.  We’ll discuss structure, technique, characters and conflict. This one-day intensive class will encourage both the novice and experienced writer. Bring pen and spiral notebook. For more information, send an email. Open to all levels of experience, ages 16 and up.

WRITING YOUR COLLEGE ESSAY — Course Description: Get a jump on college admissions essays and lessen the stress of meeting the deadlines. This course will help you begin essay writing through exercises to reveal what makes you unique, how to write about yourself without sounding boastful, and how to show admissions staff your finest qualities. Your essays will be reviewed for grammar, clarity and quality. Bring a pen and spiral notebook. Class size limited to 10 students. Three meetings. Ages 15 and up.  (TBA, summer 2021 in Irvine)



“Creative Writing” — online, via Zoom — registration now open

October 27 – November 30 (six meetings) Course #450144-4B

Tuesday nights, 6:30 to 8:00

Reading, writing, and lively discussions!  Ages 18 and up
Fee: $185  — six meetings

Class Location:  ONLINE, via Zoom.

To register:  Contact the City of Huntington Beach to enroll.   Visit the website:    www.HBsands.org 

Planning Ahead, Winter Session, Creative Writing: January 19-February 23, 2021.

“Creative Writing Jumpstart”
Tuesday, January 12, 2021 –6:00 pm to 8:00 p.m., Course #TBD — Winter Session

Just the thing to get you going!  Start a project or reignite one languishing in your files. Ages 16 and up

Fee: $75 — one meeting

Class Location:  Online, via Zoom

To register:  Contact the City of Huntington Beach to enroll:   www.HBsands.org            “Creative Writing Jumpstart” Course  #TBD   Please register at least two days before start date.


IRVINE LOCATION — The fall  sessions has been cancelled by the City of Irvine due to COVID-19 concerns. In-person classes are scheduled to resume January 2021. We’ll see….

Contact the City of Irvine to enroll: Register online  www.YourIrvine.org
or call: (949) 724-6610. Please allow at least two business days to process.

“Creative Writing” — Irvine, CA

Winter Session:  Starts January 20, 2021 for six weeks.

7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Reading, writing, and lively discussions.  Ages 18 and up
$185, six meetings. (A $10 additional fee is charged to those who live outside of the city of Irvine)

Class Location: Rancho Center, 3 Ethel Coplen Way • Irvine, CA 92604
(Near the 405 Fwy and Culver) • Free parking in lot.

To registerContact the City of Irvine to enroll.  “Creative Writing.” Please allow at least two business days to process.
Visit www.YourIrvine.org
(949) 724-6610

“Creative Writing Jumpstart” — Irvine, CA
Winter Session: January 13, 2021
, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Just the thing to get you going! Ages 16 and up.

$75 one meeting (A $10 additional fee is charged to those who live outside the city of Irvine.)

Class Location:  Rancho Center, 3 Ethel Coplen Way • Irvine, CA 92604
(Near the 405 Fwy and Culver) • Free parking

To registerContact the City of Irvine to enroll.  “Writing Jumpstart.” Please allow at least two business days to process. 
Visit www.YourIrvine.org
(949) 724-6610

“Writing Your College Essay” — Irvine, CA  — Course #TBD- -Offered Summer 2021. Writing your college admissions essays can be a challenge. Help is here! Ages 15+. Class size limited to 10. $160 (3 meetings)

Date TBD:  Summer 2021

Class Location:  Rancho Center, 3 Ethel Coplen Way • Irvine, CA 92604
(Near the 405 Fwy and Culver) • Free parking

FALL SESSION for Creative Writing October 27, 2020 through the City of  Huntington Beach Recreation, online only. Registration now open.

WINTER SESSION for Creative Writing, January 19 – February 23, 2021, online only.